June 29, 2006


Posted in Life, the Universe and Everything at 23:13 by theBlackDragon

As some of you have no doubt noticed I’ve been pretty much inactive in all community efforts I’m normally active in, there are in fact multiple reasons for this.

Firstly, this was my final year, I’ve now graduated (couldn’t have happened soon enough either), but after my intership I had sort of a minor burnout (I hope it was minor), resulting in me not doing anything.

Well, that’s not to mention the things that happened during my internship (but not at my internship).
To ‘improve’ upon the situation my entire life kind of collapsed around me taking with it all my plans for the future and every shred of motivation I had been getting out of these.

So currently I’m just trying to grasp what has been happening, trying to get out of this bottomless pit and figuring where I will, should or could go from here.