May 30, 2013

fvwm-mode now on GitHub

Posted in Emacs, FVWM at 02:15 by theBlackDragon

This is just a short update to announce that fvwm-mode has moved from my internal Subversion repository to GitHub after a request to update the headers to conform to Emacs standards for the EmacsmirrorĀ , the net result of this are two things:

  • I was reminded of a bunch of stuff I still wanted to do/fix in fvwm-mode, so it might even get done (I’ve already fixed some deprecation warnings, properly supporting lexical binding is next on my list)
  • fvwm-mode ended up on GitHub as that’s easier for the Emacsmirror to, well, mirror compared to some file on some webserver that I sometimes update.

I didn’t bother retaining the original version history as the interesting bits are in the NEWS file anyway.

The fvwm-mode repository resides here.