September 15, 2010

Spring Framework missing in Netbeans 6.9

Posted in Java, Netbeans at 19:43 by theBlackDragon

Or is it?

When I tried to follow the Netbeans Spring tutorial I couldn’t for the life of me find the Spring framework where it was supposed to be, only Hibernate showed up.

Apparently you have to explicitly enable the Java Web and EE Plugin as described here. Finding this took me quite a while, I would honestly have expected this question to come up more often, especially from new Netbeans users or people that don’t usually use the Web technologies plugins (like me).

Clementine: Amarok 1.4 continued

Posted in Amarok, Clementine, Linux at 19:17 by theBlackDragon

So I stumbled over this post on the LinuxJournal website today about Clementine a project that is porting Amarok 1.4’s functionality to QT4. I’ve always loved Amarok 1.4’s user interface and now there is even a stable Windows version available, something Amarok 2 has unfortunately been sorely lacking thus far.

Even though Clementine is only at version 0.4, the most important functions are there already, the only things I really noticed that was missing were the playcount and last played fields in the playlist window and the ablity to display the track number in the library view.