May 4, 2006

Emacs tips #1

Posted in Emacs at 14:57 by theBlackDragon

I've been using Emacs for some time now but have only recently started to heavily customize it. With this I've also started tracking (or more actively tracking) various Emacs related resources, picking up useful bits of information along the way. I'll try to share the most useful ones here with you on a (hopefully somewhat) regular basis.

I'll kick off with a very short one, the next line enables "focus follows mouse" on Emacs windows (not frames, frames are handled by the window manager).

(setq mouse-autoselect-window t)

So what is "focus follows mouse" anyway? Basically it means that the window your mouse pointer is over receives focus (input) so you don't need to click on it to give it focus (as you have to in, say, Windows). Some people find this confusing, most people can't live without it once they get used to it.

For more information on "focus follows mouse" see here.

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  1. gavenkoa said,

    I configure Fvwm focus policy to SloppyFocus (by Style “*” SloppyFocus) which pass focus to window if mouse over.

    Under Windows this really can confuse as only one window follow this behavior while other not.

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